The Beginning of My New Journey!

Hello! My name is Ashley. I am from Austell, Georgia, but since nobody knows where that is I just say Atlanta to make it easier :).  I am a former Lady Vol track and field athlete.

I am in my first year of graduate school in Public Relations with a concentration in Communications.  I have always been an ambitious person and determined to be great in my profession as well as my personal life!  My goals after graduation are to become a Communications Coordinator or pursue a career in PR.

Currently, I am enrolled in PR 490- Social Media and I have a few goals that I would like to attain by the end of the semester. My main goal is to learn all aspects of social media so that I can use it as a benefit when competing against other candidates in the work force. Last but not least, I would like to enhance my skills on social media as far as editing websites and managing them so that I can use these skills for professional websites in the workforce.

I am a new blogger, and am excited to learn more about blogging and the benefits that it could potentially have for my future career. I want my blog to be professional but also show my outgoing and vivacious personality. I want my bloggers to get a sense of who I am through my blogs and images. I plan on continuing my blog after this class, because I believe by then it will become apart of me and my professional endeavors.


One thought on “The Beginning of My New Journey!

  1. Ashley, great first blog post. I am very excited to read that you plan to continue blogging after the semester ends. Hopefully it will pay off! Good luck. I look forwarding to reading your posts throughout the semester.

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