Flying Squirrel, Gabby Douglas soars new heights on Social Media

Following the 2012 London Olympic Games, the 16 year old  American gymnast Gabby Douglas grabbed the worlds attention and gained instant popularity on various social media sites.  Douglas dominated popular websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.  In an article written by Similoluwa Ojurongbe, she states that according to Wildfire, Douglas gained 3,960 friends on facebook alone following her performances. According to Ojurongbe, Douglas has 582,912 Facebook fans and 662,520Twitter fans, which is more than  international gymnasts Marcelle Nguyen and Camille Muffat.

So, how did Gabby manage to gain a higher fan club then the these two famous former gymnasts? Personality and personable are the two words that allowed Douglas to stand out to her fans. Her fans could relate to her story, to her passion and her dreams. The fans got to see the personable Douglas and view a piece of her family and their support for her throughout the years. Society loves hearing about the “american dream”, that someone just like you and I can work hard, become successful and live out the dream. That american dream was earned by Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, with her spunky spirit and determined dedication she is living her dream, which is now her beautiful reality.

To read Similoluwa Ojurongbe’s article on Gabby’s gain of followers and fans around the world you can click the link below.


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