Olympic Medalist Trotter has success, on the track and with her comedic video

DeeDee Trotter, Olympic Medalist, Gold in the 4by400meter relay and bronze in the 400meter dash

Knoxville Native  DeeDee Trotter competed fiercely and ferociously in the Olympic Games in London. As each she stood on the line for her events representing the beautiful country of U.S.A across her chest, she dreamed of the moment she would be an Olympic medalist. With talent, hard work and much dedication, this Knoxville native ran her heart out for two Olympic medals.DeeDee Trotter received a gold medal in the women’s 4by400 meter relay, and a bronze medal in the women’s 400meter dash. Short of breath and a huge smile plastered across her face, Trotter said,  “I’ve worked the hardest I’ve had to work in my career and in my life, and I have sacrificed so much to be here today.”

This  astonishing UT alumni represented the Knoxville community with great respect and honor. Returning from her international voyage, many UT students and alumni are showing these former Vols their respects and congratulatory comments via social media. Trotter received many congratulatory comments and fan support through Facebook. However, Trotter grabbed the hearts and humorous spirits of her Facebook fans by posting a promotional video titled “Pass the Baton”, for the annual event of Penn Relays. Being that she was a main member of the USA relay at Penn Relays and in the Olympic Games in London, this video received thousands of hits!

On and off of the track DeeDee Trotter has become a star. Trotter is becoming a social media icon for the track and field community and many others all around the world.

To check out DeeDee Trotter’s new comedic video titled “Pass The Baton” click the link below.


To view more information about DeeDee Trotter and her Olympic voyage you can click this link below.



One thought on “Olympic Medalist Trotter has success, on the track and with her comedic video

  1. My darling! it took me years to stumble on your beautiful writing but thank you so much and i hope you are doing well! Our experience will always be apart of my heart and proudest accomplish know that I inspired you my fellow lady vol! xoxo and I hope you are doing well. hit me up on me up on FB

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