Social Media Safety?

According to Cara Pring’s article, 99 New Social Media Stats for 2012, 106.7 million visitors visit the YouTube website a month and 137.6 visitors visit Facebook a month. Is it safe to say that social media is quickly spreading throughout the world? Social media is no longer just a “fad” or “phase”, it is now the main use of networking used internationally. Now that the majority of the population around the world are users of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more, how can we assure ourselves that we as consumers are safe? Is there a way to make sure that people cannot steal information that we are not giving?  How can we be sure that they won’t use this information against us?

The answer is simple yet scary. There is no “secure” way that we can make sure people do not have access to all of our information. There are certain privacy settings on these networks where you can limit the information available to the public. However, you cannot limit everything, that power and control is unfortunately not all in our hands. Crazy right?  The power of stopping others from possibly finding out private information about our personal information is not in our hands. So, whose hands it in?  The power of our personal information and privacy are held within many different hands. Hands of the government, hands of some companies or businesses and even the hands of social networks who can track us for information. Yes, even without you knowing your internet searches on your personal computer can be tracked. Therefore, be careful, be cautious and be in control.

For more statistics on social media around the world check out Cara Pring’s article, 99 New Social Media Stats for 2012.


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