Social Media Insurance? A small fee to protect your privacy!

Are you afraid of someone stealing your online passwords, hacking your social media networks or more importantly your online banking? Using the same password for your online bank and three of your social media profiles can be more dangerous than you think. By simply providing a date of birth or your mother’s name in your about me section people can easily try to figure out possible passwords. By using social media, we sometimes do not think about what information we tweet or put out on these social media sites that might lead these criminals to an easier hacking spree. Identity theft is very common among online uses of social media.

According to an article written by Lauren Dugan,  ALLOW, a data protection firm in the UK,  is now offering social media insurance for £3.99 a month. For such a cheap price,  this company will provide you with legal advice if your account is hacked, provides information about how your data is used and if they sense suspicious activity on your social profiles they will disable them.

If you are interested in social media insurance you can read more about it in Lauren Dugan’s article at the link below.


One thought on “Social Media Insurance? A small fee to protect your privacy!

  1. Great, timely article! I would also recommend you tagging key words in this post (tag Lauren’s name, the data protection firm, etc.). I really enjoy reading your blog each week.

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