67% of Businesses say Social Media is Essential !

According to new research by Econsultancy and Adobe,  67 percent or 2/3 of businesses say that social media is now an essential part of their business strategy. Econsultancy and Adobe stated in the Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Managing and Measuring Social that 64 percent of businesses are currently using social media for brand awareness. Social media is used 44percent for marketing campaigns and only  25 percent for customer service. In society today you would think, reaching out to the customers would be the best strategy to help your business. Customers make the business, and if you choose not to use social media to help your customers, there is a high chance you will have many angry customers. According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, a  dissatisfied customer will tell anywhere between 9 to 15 people about their experience.Also, Approximately 13 percent of  dissatisfied customers will tell more than 20 people about their problem about the business.

Social Media is being used widely and more frequently than ever in our society. Social media is a great way to influence customers and consumers and advertise your business. Many businesses are seeing the influence social media is having on people and other  companies and are now trying to develop a professional strategy to “market” their business on social media as well. Whether we want to admit it or not, social media is not just dominating our personal lives across the nation, but dominating our professional lives and companies as well.

 For more information on how social media is affecting businesses today you can clink on the link below 



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