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PEEK-A-BOO! How Employers are Finding You!!!

84 percent of recruiters use social media to recruit candidates that might not have otherwise applied. In 2012, companies are expected to use social media to recruit for more than 80 percent of job openings.  What does that mean for us who are being recruited? Will social media take over the power of a traditional interview or resume?

Currently,7 out of 10 employers have successfully hired a candidate through social media, and are now implementing social recruitment. With that being said, 49 percent of employers have received more applicants than before.  The typical interview is now becoming an alternative way to find employees and social media is rising up as a new innovative way of reaching potential employees.  This new strategic way of recruiting is being known as the New Age of Recruitment, a new way to find hidden talent. Therefore, as a smart tool for those who are job hunting, use social media to play your strengths  If you are crafty or artistic use Instagram to show pieces of your work, If you are a great blogger, blog. If you are great at keeping up with current events tweet and share them.  If society as well as employers adapt to this new type of recruiting then we should use it to our advantage and sell ourselves through social media!

Below is an info-graphic that displays statistics about the New Age  of Recruitment!


Can Social Media Predict the Presidential Election?

With the  U.S. presidential election just a few weeks away, the respective campaigns of President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney are becoming fierce. The use of social media has never been more important  in raising awareness of policies and targeting potential voters for this upcoming election. As of 2012, 82 percent of U.S. adults now use social media, and 88 percent of those are registered voters. With social media being such a huge impact on the majority of our country, both adults and teenagers, can it impact and predict the Presidential Debate?  According to the info-graphic below, in the previous years the candidate (not presidential) with the most followers or Facebook fans ended up winning the most votes. With that being said, social media has proven in the recent years how much of an effect it has on people and their opinions. Currently on Twitter, President Barack Obama has 21.1 million followers and candidate Mitt Romney has 1.9 million followers. On Facebook President Barack Obama 30.9 million Facebook fans and Mitt Romney has Facebook fans. Yes President Obama might in fact have more influence because he is the current president. However, it has been shown that the more influence on social media, correlates with having more votes.

To read more about the influence of social media and how it correlates to the Presidential Debate please click the link below.

University Professor says Twitter users earns better grades!

Assistant professor of education at Michigan State University Christine Greenhow, taught a class that required her students to use Twitter as an essential component of their participation.  According to a study she conducted, her students were more engaged, more active, and actually got higher grades than students who did not use Twitter. When asked about this study Greenhow explained, “Tweeting can be thought of as a new literary practice. It’s changing the way we experience what we read and what we write.”

Since the  number of US teens on Twitter have been doubling in the past two years, it is no surprise that this educator and many more have begun to research the implications on how students learn.

Greenhow’s small-scale study found many different benefits of using Twitter in a classroom, such as: fostering collaboration, brainstorming, the ability to write concisely, conducting real-time research and reaching out directly to leaders. She also found that students were more likely to participate on Twitter rather than in face-to-face meetings in the classroom. Greenhow stated that “The students get more engaged because they feel it is connected to something real, that it’s not just learning for the sake of learning. It feels authentic to them.”

Can Twitter really enhance your learning in the classroom? Allow your grades to excel? Well, professor Greenhow thinks so. What do you think?

To read more about professor Greenhow and her study click this link below.

Lance Armstrong stripped of his victories even on Social Media!

It is official,  the Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI)  cycling’s governing body, has officially stripped Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour De France victories, and UCI met on Friday October 26th to discuss the “exact sporting consequences” of the decision.  The final decision of Armstrong’s “sporting consequences”  have  not been released to the public yet, but from my understanding it looks like Armstrong’s victories will be short lived.

In the summary provided by the UCI,  they concluded that Armstrong and his team ran “the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sports has ever seen”, and the “disgraced” athlete will now likely have to pay back his prize money from all of the tour victories. It was also stated that Armstrong could be faced with a number of civil suits from former sponsors and dissatisfied associates.

After all of this chaos, Armstrong has remained silent. However, one of his actions that spoke plenty volume was him removing his achievements and records off of his Twitter bio.

The picture below shows Armstrong’s Twitter bio before his chaos and after.

For more information on  Armstrong’s pending consequences you can click the link below.

Religious Comments get Twitter Users Thrown in the Slammer!!!

A Turkish Pianist named Fazil Say, is currently facing jail time for allegedly mocking Islam on Twitter. More recently, four people were arrested for allegedly defaming Bahrain’s king on Twitter.  However, how are these people being caught?  How are there tweets being screened? Who is viewing these tweets as racist? Are there laws stating that you cannot defy another religion or country on your own private twitter account? When you sign up on Twitter are there “Twitter rules” and regulations? No. Therefore, why are people being arrested for voicing their opinion on their private social media site?, is what everybody is asking. Nobody has come forth and given proof of documentation or laws  that these five people have “broken” by imitating another religion or country. However, I personally believe that imitating someone else’s religion is immature as well as harsh. That is slander. You are slandering someone’s religion which should not be taken lightly  Do I believe these people should be arrested?  No, I believe they should be given an alternative punishment. Maybe 10 hours of community service for every defiant tweet against a religion or country.

To find out more information about these arrests and religious impostors you can click this link below.

Trying to slim down, well Tweet What You Eat!

Want to lose weight but it just isn’t happening for you? Well, you may be in for a healthy tweet treat! Many Twitter users across the world are voicing their need to lose weight in a way that many refuse to do. Share what you eat, through a tweet or a twit pic with your users as incentive to compare your meals with other #Tweetwhatyoueat users also. When you tweet your meal description and or picture hash-tag the words #Tweetwhatyoueat. This makes it easier for other fellow twitter users who are trying to eat healthier to find meals that may be working for others to lose weight. The idea of this is to either tweet what you are eating even if you are ashamed so that by being ashamed you learn to eat healthier and eventually be able to tweet your new healthy eating habits.  By being honest about what we are eating every time of the day and tweeting it also makes us very conscious of what we are consuming and what it is doing to our bodies. This may be the new movement to healthy eating  via twitter. I encourage people to join in and try it. See if this can change your eating habits and your lifestyle!

To get more information about #Tweetwhatyoueat click the link below.

Iphone App Pops Popcorn?!!

The latest talk on social media and all over the world is this new app from the Iphone that can turn your pop corn kernels into freshly  popped popcorn. Is this true? Can an app actually turn kernels into freshly pop popped corn? That is the question more than half of the world is trying to decide right now as we speak. Many people say that it is fake and there is  no way a simple mobile app on a smartphone can actually cook popcorn kernels. However, other consumers say that this popcorn poppin’ app is real and the radiation wave through the phone can actually pop fresh popcorn right off of your phone! So, who do you believe?! I guess we  have no choice but to find out ourselves and be the judge of this popcorn poppin app!! I am providing a video of the popcorn app in action, and you decide if you are a believer or a non-believer.

Take a look at this popcorn poppin’ app!!!!