Justin Bieber Sets a New Re-tweet Record for RIP Tribute to Avalanna

It is an honor to be in the top ten list of  most re- tweeted Twitter tweets of all time, and in that top ten list is music pop-star Justin Bieber. However, Beiber soared past these other nine people on the list with his new re-tweet count of over 200,000 re-tweets and still counting. His one tweet RIP tribute of  Avalanna was re-tweeted over 200,000 times on Twitter.  Avalanna Routh was a 6-year old girl who passed away of an aggressive form of childhood cancer. Beiber and Avalanna had been hanging out during her  cancer battle and her one wish was to marry him and  he gave Avalanna her wish.  After hearing of her passing Bieber tweeted a tribute to Avalanna saying  ” RIP Avalanna. I love you” and this tweet began to trend all over the world. Justin Bieber has a huge impact on our society and he knows that. Therefore, showing tribute to Avalanna will have all of his followers wondering who this is and her importance to Bieber and that is exactly what happened. This big time pop-star took a second out of his busy day to show respects for Avalanna in hope that his followers would do the same, and they did. Avalanna is resting well knowing that she is respected across the world, with all thanks to Justin Beiber . To see more of this touching story visit http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/bieber-retweet-record-rip-avalanna_b29200


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