Did Romney use a cheat sheet at the Presidential Debate?

Mitt Romney is currently being accused of using a cheat sheet during the Presidential Debate last Wednesday October 3rd. There is a video on YouTube of Romney walking up to the podium reaching in his pocket and pulling out a white object that resembled a cheat sheet. Romney pulled the object out of his pocket and placed it onto this podium before the election began. Many citizens are saying that Romney’s unidentified object is simply a handkerchief and not a cheat sheet. They are saying that he was sweating under the lights and needed his handkerchief. However, Romney never picked up this “handkerchief” to wipe his forehead nor blow his nose, in fact he never used it at all. Other half of America is saying that he definitely did use this object, because it is a cheat sheet. Romney did look down many times during this debate and had many great “zingers”. Did he have help from this unidentified object?   Before leaving the podium Romney slipped this object under his sleeve as if it were never there. If it were in fact, a handkerchief why would he not put it back into his pocket? Why would he shove a handkerchief under his sleeve?  Was it a cheat sheet? Did Romney really use a cheat sheet to help him with the Presidential debate? I will let you be the judge of that.Click this link below to watch Romney approach the podium with this unidentified object and then watch him as he leaves the podium.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RQeEx-6wgQ

To read more about this topic click this link below.



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