Private messages becoming Public? Facebook Users Complain!

The latest buzz on social media is that Facebook is having a “glitch in the system” and Facebook users’ private messages can be seen on their wall. People are explaining that their private messages from the past are now being displayed on their wall for the public to see. Private messages from 2009 are suddenly appearing on users wall and users do not know why.  Facebook is now assuring these users that this “glitch in the system” is not real and cannot be possible. Facebook states that this is not possible because their private and public settings are set up completely different. Therefore, if anyone is seeing old messages that you believe were private, they probably were public when they were first posted.So, think back to 2009, because these messages could have been posted publicly and you have probably forgotten what message was posted publicly 3 years ago. Therefore, Facebook is not at fault for something that Facebook users can not typically remember. Moral of the story is do not send anything privately through a social media that you would not want public, refrain from posting it. That way if anything is ever “leaked ” you won’t have a problem with the information you sent.

To learn more about this new Facebook “glitch” and what other users have to say please click the link below. your age-are-not-public-on-facebook


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