University Professor says Twitter users earns better grades!

Assistant professor of education at Michigan State University Christine Greenhow, taught a class that required her students to use Twitter as an essential component of their participation.  According to a study she conducted, her students were more engaged, more active, and actually got higher grades than students who did not use Twitter. When asked about this study Greenhow explained, “Tweeting can be thought of as a new literary practice. It’s changing the way we experience what we read and what we write.”

Since the  number of US teens on Twitter have been doubling in the past two years, it is no surprise that this educator and many more have begun to research the implications on how students learn.

Greenhow’s small-scale study found many different benefits of using Twitter in a classroom, such as: fostering collaboration, brainstorming, the ability to write concisely, conducting real-time research and reaching out directly to leaders. She also found that students were more likely to participate on Twitter rather than in face-to-face meetings in the classroom. Greenhow stated that “The students get more engaged because they feel it is connected to something real, that it’s not just learning for the sake of learning. It feels authentic to them.”

Can Twitter really enhance your learning in the classroom? Allow your grades to excel? Well, professor Greenhow thinks so. What do you think?

To read more about professor Greenhow and her study click this link below.


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