Iphone App Pops Popcorn?!!

The latest talk on social media and all over the world is this new app from the Iphone that can turn your pop corn kernels into freshly  popped popcorn. Is this true? Can an app actually turn kernels into freshly pop popped corn? That is the question more than half of the world is trying to decide right now as we speak. Many people say that it is fake and there is  no way a simple mobile app on a smartphone can actually cook popcorn kernels. However, other consumers say that this popcorn poppin’ app is real and the radiation wave through the phone can actually pop fresh popcorn right off of your phone! So, who do you believe?! I guess we  have no choice but to find out ourselves and be the judge of this popcorn poppin app!! I am providing a video of the popcorn app in action, and you decide if you are a believer or a non-believer.

Take a look at this popcorn poppin’ app!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtrboPeilCk


Is Social Media your Addiction? Well, Let’s See!

Are you addicted to social media? If your favorite social media website or app was down for some hours or the whole day would you lose your mind? Would you be upset? Throw a tantrum? Complain to a friend or that particular social media site? How do you know if you are necessarily addicted to a social media rather than just enjoying social media? Well there is a difference. If you just like social media you can do without that specific site or app for a little while. You are classified as addicted when you cannot put your phone down, if a picture or content doesn’t upload right and it upsets you. Then you my friend are indeed addicted. Don’t let me be the judge of your possible addiction, see for yourself at the info-graphic  below. Which type of social media sickness do you have?

Or you can click this link and see more information.


Is Twitter the New Political Machine?

As election day is approaching, politicians are beginning to tweet campaign slogans, behind-the-scenes pictures and calls for citizens to go out and vote. Now Twitter is beginning the political donation arena. Statistics  from Twitter Advertising show that users who actually see paid advertising from politicians go to visit campaign donation websites 97 percent more frequently than those who don’t see the paid advertisement. Therefore, we know the political campaigns are making sure that they put out ads that could possible increase their chances to be the next President. Do you fall for the political ads? They are spreading on multiple websites, but mainly on Twitter, the social media website that they know America visits almost daily. If you would like to improve a certain candidates chances in this political campaign statistics are showing that donating  or even liking their page makes a huge difference. Making a difference on social media is still making a difference that could make a huge impact on our country.

To learn more about political campaigns on social media clink this link below.


Private messages becoming Public? Facebook Users Complain!

The latest buzz on social media is that Facebook is having a “glitch in the system” and Facebook users’ private messages can be seen on their wall. People are explaining that their private messages from the past are now being displayed on their wall for the public to see. Private messages from 2009 are suddenly appearing on users wall and users do not know why.  Facebook is now assuring these users that this “glitch in the system” is not real and cannot be possible. Facebook states that this is not possible because their private and public settings are set up completely different. Therefore, if anyone is seeing old messages that you believe were private, they probably were public when they were first posted.So, think back to 2009, because these messages could have been posted publicly and you have probably forgotten what message was posted publicly 3 years ago. Therefore, Facebook is not at fault for something that Facebook users can not typically remember. Moral of the story is do not send anything privately through a social media that you would not want public, refrain from posting it. That way if anything is ever “leaked ” you won’t have a problem with the information you sent.

To learn more about this new Facebook “glitch” and what other users have to say please click the link below.http://gizmodo.com/5945993/no-your-private-mess your age-are-not-public-on-facebook

Did Romney use a cheat sheet at the Presidential Debate?

Mitt Romney is currently being accused of using a cheat sheet during the Presidential Debate last Wednesday October 3rd. There is a video on YouTube of Romney walking up to the podium reaching in his pocket and pulling out a white object that resembled a cheat sheet. Romney pulled the object out of his pocket and placed it onto this podium before the election began. Many citizens are saying that Romney’s unidentified object is simply a handkerchief and not a cheat sheet. They are saying that he was sweating under the lights and needed his handkerchief. However, Romney never picked up this “handkerchief” to wipe his forehead nor blow his nose, in fact he never used it at all. Other half of America is saying that he definitely did use this object, because it is a cheat sheet. Romney did look down many times during this debate and had many great “zingers”. Did he have help from this unidentified object?   Before leaving the podium Romney slipped this object under his sleeve as if it were never there. If it were in fact, a handkerchief why would he not put it back into his pocket? Why would he shove a handkerchief under his sleeve?  Was it a cheat sheet? Did Romney really use a cheat sheet to help him with the Presidential debate? I will let you be the judge of that.Click this link below to watch Romney approach the podium with this unidentified object and then watch him as he leaves the podium.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RQeEx-6wgQ

To read more about this topic click this link below.


Justin Bieber Sets a New Re-tweet Record for RIP Tribute to Avalanna

It is an honor to be in the top ten list of  most re- tweeted Twitter tweets of all time, and in that top ten list is music pop-star Justin Bieber. However, Beiber soared past these other nine people on the list with his new re-tweet count of over 200,000 re-tweets and still counting. His one tweet RIP tribute of  Avalanna was re-tweeted over 200,000 times on Twitter.  Avalanna Routh was a 6-year old girl who passed away of an aggressive form of childhood cancer. Beiber and Avalanna had been hanging out during her  cancer battle and her one wish was to marry him and  he gave Avalanna her wish.  After hearing of her passing Bieber tweeted a tribute to Avalanna saying  ” RIP Avalanna. I love you” and this tweet began to trend all over the world. Justin Bieber has a huge impact on our society and he knows that. Therefore, showing tribute to Avalanna will have all of his followers wondering who this is and her importance to Bieber and that is exactly what happened. This big time pop-star took a second out of his busy day to show respects for Avalanna in hope that his followers would do the same, and they did. Avalanna is resting well knowing that she is respected across the world, with all thanks to Justin Beiber . To see more of this touching story visit http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/bieber-retweet-record-rip-avalanna_b29200

Tweet Threats to the President and get Thrown in Jail!

Twenty-five year old Jarvis Britton has been expressing his hatred on twitter for President Obama since June 28th. Britton posted  “Free speech? Really? Let’s test this! Let’s kill the president!” on his facebook page.  However, this threat just wasn’t enough for Britton. He also tweeted ” I’m going to finish this, if they get me, they get me #ohwell. I think we could get the president with cyanide”. The next day Britton tweeted ” Barack Obama, I wish  you were DEAD”. After seeing these threatening messages the Secret Service agent talked with Britton and informed him of the seriousness of the situation, but did not take any further action. A talk with the Secret Service agent clearly would not be a threat to this guy, because he continued to tweet threats about President Obama. Ignoring the comments from the Secret Service agent Britton did not hesitate to send another threatening tweet saying ” Let’s kill the President. F.E.A.R.”.

On August 28th, Britton wrote another angry tweet, mentioning Barack Obama’s twitter account, stating ” @Barack Obama Alabama will see my power in the next 36hours! Word to the secret service”.  Gloating with the thoughts that no one could stop him he tweeted  “Can the president stop it?  He only has 36 hours”. With no surprise,  Britton was arrested on September 21 and charged by criminal complaint for threatening the president.

The link below provides more details about the story and  the video with much more details about this case and what Britton’s neighbors had to say about this situation.