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PEEK-A-BOO! How Employers are Finding You!!!

84 percent of recruiters use social media to recruit candidates that might not have otherwise applied. In 2012, companies are expected to use social media to recruit for more than 80 percent of job openings.  What does that mean for us who are being recruited? Will social media take over the power of a traditional interview or resume?

Currently,7 out of 10 employers have successfully hired a candidate through social media, and are now implementing social recruitment. With that being said, 49 percent of employers have received more applicants than before.  The typical interview is now becoming an alternative way to find employees and social media is rising up as a new innovative way of reaching potential employees.  This new strategic way of recruiting is being known as the New Age of Recruitment, a new way to find hidden talent. Therefore, as a smart tool for those who are job hunting, use social media to play your strengths  If you are crafty or artistic use Instagram to show pieces of your work, If you are a great blogger, blog. If you are great at keeping up with current events tweet and share them.  If society as well as employers adapt to this new type of recruiting then we should use it to our advantage and sell ourselves through social media!

Below is an info-graphic that displays statistics about the New Age  of Recruitment!