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Can Social Media Predict the Presidential Election?

With the  U.S. presidential election just a few weeks away, the respective campaigns of President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney are becoming fierce. The use of social media has never been more important  in raising awareness of policies and targeting potential voters for this upcoming election. As of 2012, 82 percent of U.S. adults now use social media, and 88 percent of those are registered voters. With social media being such a huge impact on the majority of our country, both adults and teenagers, can it impact and predict the Presidential Debate?  According to the info-graphic below, in the previous years the candidate (not presidential) with the most followers or Facebook fans ended up winning the most votes. With that being said, social media has proven in the recent years how much of an effect it has on people and their opinions. Currently on Twitter, President Barack Obama has 21.1 million followers and candidate Mitt Romney has 1.9 million followers. On Facebook President Barack Obama 30.9 million Facebook fans and Mitt Romney has Facebook fans. Yes President Obama might in fact have more influence because he is the current president. However, it has been shown that the more influence on social media, correlates with having more votes.

To read more about the influence of social media and how it correlates to the Presidential Debate please click the link below.



Facebook settings allow users to show organ donor status

One of the main social networking sites that connects million of people from across the world is now, connecting people at the heart. Facebook has now improved the settings, where over 900million users across the world can share their organ donor status with others, if they choose do so.Sharing the status of organ donor is believed to help spread awareness of organ donations across the world.

According to Facebook  CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, “Medical experts believe that broader awareness about organ donation could go a long way toward solving this crisis,”. Across the world there are more than 114,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for a transplant, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services. By simply showing that you are an organ donor on Facebook, you could save others tons of time that they spend actually trying to find organ donors. This one change of status can connect people all across the world and help millions of lives all in a few clicks on Facebook. Personally, I believe this is one of Facebook”s greatest ideas and I believe it can help thousands of people and really make a difference in many lives across the world. I am in fact an organ donor and will be changing my status soon, so that one day someone can be helped with less hassle and more hope!

To learn more information about Facebook’s new organ donor settings you can click the link below.


Social Media Safety?

According to Cara Pring’s article, 99 New Social Media Stats for 2012, 106.7 million visitors visit the YouTube website a month and 137.6 visitors visit Facebook a month. Is it safe to say that social media is quickly spreading throughout the world? Social media is no longer just a “fad” or “phase”, it is now the main use of networking used internationally. Now that the majority of the population around the world are users of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more, how can we assure ourselves that we as consumers are safe? Is there a way to make sure that people cannot steal information that we are not giving?  How can we be sure that they won’t use this information against us?

The answer is simple yet scary. There is no “secure” way that we can make sure people do not have access to all of our information. There are certain privacy settings on these networks where you can limit the information available to the public. However, you cannot limit everything, that power and control is unfortunately not all in our hands. Crazy right?  The power of stopping others from possibly finding out private information about our personal information is not in our hands. So, whose hands it in?  The power of our personal information and privacy are held within many different hands. Hands of the government, hands of some companies or businesses and even the hands of social networks who can track us for information. Yes, even without you knowing your internet searches on your personal computer can be tracked. Therefore, be careful, be cautious and be in control.

For more statistics on social media around the world check out Cara Pring’s article, 99 New Social Media Stats for 2012.