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Religious Comments get Twitter Users Thrown in the Slammer!!!

A Turkish Pianist named Fazil Say, is currently facing jail time for allegedly mocking Islam on Twitter. More recently, four people were arrested for allegedly defaming Bahrain’s king on Twitter.  However, how are these people being caught?  How are there tweets being screened? Who is viewing these tweets as racist? Are there laws stating that you cannot defy another religion or country on your own private twitter account? When you sign up on Twitter are there “Twitter rules” and regulations? No. Therefore, why are people being arrested for voicing their opinion on their private social media site?, is what everybody is asking. Nobody has come forth and given proof of documentation or laws  that these five people have “broken” by imitating another religion or country. However, I personally believe that imitating someone else’s religion is immature as well as harsh. That is slander. You are slandering someone’s religion which should not be taken lightly  Do I believe these people should be arrested?  No, I believe they should be given an alternative punishment. Maybe 10 hours of community service for every defiant tweet against a religion or country.

To find out more information about these arrests and religious impostors you can click this link below.