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Lance Armstrong stripped of his victories even on Social Media!

It is official,  the Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI)  cycling’s governing body, has officially stripped Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour De France victories, and UCI met on Friday October 26th to discuss the “exact sporting consequences” of the decision.  The final decision of Armstrong’s “sporting consequences”  have  not been released to the public yet, but from my understanding it looks like Armstrong’s victories will be short lived.

In the summary provided by the UCI,  they concluded that Armstrong and his team ran “the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sports has ever seen”, and the “disgraced” athlete will now likely have to pay back his prize money from all of the tour victories. It was also stated that Armstrong could be faced with a number of civil suits from former sponsors and dissatisfied associates.

After all of this chaos, Armstrong has remained silent. However, one of his actions that spoke plenty volume was him removing his achievements and records off of his Twitter bio.

The picture below shows Armstrong’s Twitter bio before his chaos and after.

For more information on  Armstrong’s pending consequences you can click the link below.