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Trying to slim down, well Tweet What You Eat!

Want to lose weight but it just isn’t happening for you? Well, you may be in for a healthy tweet treat! Many Twitter users across the world are voicing their need to lose weight in a way that many refuse to do. Share what you eat, through a tweet or a twit pic with your users as incentive to compare your meals with other #Tweetwhatyoueat users also. When you tweet your meal description and or picture hash-tag the words #Tweetwhatyoueat. This makes it easier for other fellow twitter users who are trying to eat healthier to find meals that may be working for others to lose weight. The idea of this is to either tweet what you are eating even if you are ashamed so that by being ashamed you learn to eat healthier and eventually be able to tweet your new healthy eating habits.  By being honest about what we are eating every time of the day and tweeting it also makes us very conscious of what we are consuming and what it is doing to our bodies. This may be the new movement to healthy eating  via twitter. I encourage people to join in and try it. See if this can change your eating habits and your lifestyle!

To get more information about #Tweetwhatyoueat click the link below.